Exercises for Calligraphy and Freeform Miniscules

February 26, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Peace Church
659 52 AVE E
BC V5X 1G8
Free for members

Exercises for Calligraphy with Jennifer Isobe

We're not talking about drawing ovals or practicing pressure and release 
here. We're talking about exercises for your body so that when you are 
busy doing calligraphy you don't have to deal with sore muscles! 
Jennifer will take us through some simple exercises that we can all do 
at home prior to and during our time spent at our desks. After we've 
done some beginning exercises, we'll look at

Freestyle Minuuscules with Wendy Cowley

These fun minuscules are drawn letters with relatively wide interior 
spacing to allow for lots of fun decorations.  We'll first draw our
letters with a pencil and then go to town with adding embellishments! 
Midway through we will stop for another short exercise session. 
Hopefully, we will all find that when we make time for exercising we 
don't have sore muscles when we finish.
Supplies to Bring:
Fine Line Pen (e.g. Pigma or Staedtler fineliner or similar) 2 sizes are 
nice if you have them.)
Paper (marker paper or bond paper or ....)

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