Coloured Pencil and Calligraphy: A Technique Sampler Book with Kristen Doty

May 20, 2017 @ 9:30 am – May 21, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Burnaby Sports Complex West
3677 Kensington Ave
Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8
$210 for members which includes $20 USD supply fee; non-members $225 which includes $20 USD supply fee


with Kristen Doty

Colored pencil is a contemporary and popular medium employed by many artists today. On its own, colored pencil can be used to create amazing and beautiful works of art. It is readily available, doesn’t require a lot of set up, clean up, or even water. Used with
other media, and/or surfaces, a variety of interesting and beautiful effects can be achieved and the amount of time the process of applying colored pencil takes can be reduced.
By completing a series of basic technique exercises, you will learn how to use colored pencil or hone your existing skills. We will touch on color theory, values, and color mixing, and then use these techniques to blend with calligraphy, both in making the letters
themselves and by adding illustrations utilizing colored pencils. Other media and surfaces will be discussed and demonstrated, and some will be used in class to open up exciting possibilities and stir your creativity resulting in new applications and ideas. Finally, the exercises will be sewn together using a simple Japanese binding to form a book for ease of future reference. No drawing or bookbinding experience is necessary.


Colored Pencils – Good, artist’s quality, at least a set of 12 assorted colors (more is better)
(I prefer Sanford – Prismacolor [aka Berol Prismacolor or Prismacolor Premier], but there are other good brands: Derwent – Artist’s Coloursoft; Faber Castell – Polychromos; Lyra – Polycolors; Caran d’Ache – Pablo).
Pencil sharpener – what you have: hand held, battery, or electric & extension cord
Graphite drawing pencils, HB & 2H (2B also nice if you have one)
Eraser – Bring what you have. The soft white Pentel Click eraser is nice. Staedler white and/or Magic Rub are also good.
Black ink – your favorite
Calligraphy nibs & holders – Speedball C-0 or C-1 & Your favorite… whatever you have…
Folded ruling, pointed, etc.
Watercolor Brush(es)–at least one medium size (#5 – 8) round.
Old brush for loading nibs
Masking or drafting tape
X-acto knife
Jar or water container & paper towels
Gouache &/or Watercolor – (Artist’s quality) A couple tubes of each… whatever you have. We can share. If unsure about color, bring your favorite colors or a primary set: Red, Yellow, Blue.
White plastic watercolor palette – (10-well round is nice, 6-well rectangular is fine)

Optional items – Bring what you have:
Bone Folder (extremely helpful)
Round stylus
Dishcloth or small terry cloth or microfiber cloth (best)
Drafting Brush
Watercolor colored pencils (small set or one to try)
Portable drawing board
Material Fee (included in the cost of seminar) includes all papers (an assortment of high quality papers); needles & linen thread, and other materials supplied by the instructor.

2 thoughts on “Coloured Pencil and Calligraphy: A Technique Sampler Book with Kristen Doty

    • Hi Kathy,
      The seminar fee is in Canadian dollars. The supply fee which we are including in the seminar fee was given to us in USD as the instructor is from the States. We have done the conversion and included it in the fee as this makes it much simpler for all the participants. We have not always done that, so the mention of this is so members know why this fee is a little higher than some. Kristen always supplies a lot of materials in her workshop and it helps when everyone is using the same materials for some activities.

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