Italic Script with Renée Alexander

April 22, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Surrey Arts Centre
13750 88 Ave
Surrey, BC V3W 3L1
$60,00 for members and non-members


with Renée Alexander

In this workshop we will begin by placing Italic in the Family Tree of lettering styles. An in depth look at historic examples will familiarize participants with the commonalities of Italic variations. Italic was developed in Italy, hence its name, and was also known as Chancery Cursive. It was a response to speeding up the Humanist hand. After the introduction of the printing press in Europe and Britain the method of book production changed. As a result the medieval scribe disappeared and what emerged during this period was the writing master. Masters such as Arrighi and Palatino will be discussed to appreciate why their names live on in type fonts. We will spend time practicing a basic Italic with order and grace, more challenging than one might expect. Exemplars and examples will be provided to assist in achieving the subtle manipulations to raise the level of your lettering.

• Non water-proof black ink
• Pen holders
• Mitchell roundhand nibs – size 2 and size 3 or equivalent (Speedball C3 & C4)
• Smooth white practice paper – 11” x 14” or 11” x 17”
• HB pencil
• Eraser
• Metal ruler (at least 18”)
• Water pot for rinsing nibs
• Paper towels
• Slant board (optional)
• A couple of pieces of good paper – 8.5” x 11”. They can be white, off white or cream.
HP watercolour paper or Canson Mi-Tiente are good choices.
You are welcome to bring any other tools or materials you wish to use.

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