Join us for our September 25 meeting

Join us for a Show and Share from Rendez-vous 2019, the International Calligraphy Conference held in July in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Rose Wong will be presenting on “Bold & Blended – Chunky Capitals and Minuscules in Belgian Bister Inks with Amity Parks.
A 5-day class on learning a broad edged pen version of a chunky Roman alphabet.
This bold hand is a casual and contemporary look, lending itself to colour blending
with powdered watercolour Belgian Bister inks.”

Some other members will have samples of their work on display and be available to answer questions.

Join us for our May 22 Meeting

Calligraphy Card Circle

Our Circle will start with demonstrations usingthe document camera for all to see featuring a few different techniques to use with cards or other art pieces.

After the demos stations will be set up so you can choose to try a technique or two – depending on the time. There will also be another station that is self explanatory for  another card technique.

Our Calligraphy Circle is open for asking questions or for guidance from other members on things you need to know.

This should be a fun evening of TECHNIQUES for CARDS, CARDS, CARDS

Round the Table Calligraphy at the February Meeting

Round the Table Calligraphy is a FREE calligraphy class that is offered occasionally prior to our monthly meeting. Please e-mail us if you plan to attend so we have supplies. The class is open to those who can fit around our table.

Time: 6:30 to 7:15 at the February meeting,
Topic: Pointed Pen Basics.

Always wondering which pointed nib you should try? Wendy will have a large selection of pointed nibs for you to try. What people like varies widely and one person’s favourite is another’s nightmare. We’ll also go over some of the basic strokes which apply to many pointed pen scripts. Limited to those who can fit around a table or two! This session is
suitable for novice as well as experienced calligraphers