Gentle Gothics with Alice Young @ Burnaby Sports Complex West
Oct 21 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm



Alice Young

In this class we’ll look beyond the well-known, well-loved, dense and forceful blackletter, to learn a more gentle, sensitive version of gothic letterforms. This class focusses on using  the Pilot Parallel pen, and we’ll start with the most basic penstrokes, then move on to  more advanced pen strokes, and finally on to letterforms, and basic spacing. Videos,  guidelines and practice sheets from my online classes will be used to facilitate learning. This class is appropriate for all levels of students, beginner to advanced, and the teacher  will work with all students at whatever level they are on. We’ll look at the importance of  simplicity – which balances the ornate nature of these beautiful letterforms.

Supply Fee: $8.00

Materials List:

• one Pilot parallel pen – 3.8mm size (green lid). These are available through John Neal Booksellers (online),and probably in your local art supply store. Please bring all the items in the package (including rubber converter and little black nib cleaner).
• your usual basic toolbox: pencils, rulers, eraser, etc.
• small water container
• paper towels or cloths for cleaning
• a second Parallel pen (ideal for colour mixing, but I will have extra pens as well)
• pipettes
• bottles of coloured ink (water based or acrylic) and/or watercolours
• your favorite practice paper
• extra cartridges of the blue-black Pilot Mixable Colour inks

Dynamic Calligraphy @ Jericho Hill Centre, West Art Room
Oct 25 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Dynamic Calligraphy with Renée Alexander

Come join Renee to learn how to put some flare into your compressed Italics.

Materials Needed: Broad Edge nib but not too small – medium size. Consider Speedball 2 or 3, Brause 2 or 3, Mitchell 1 or 2, Pilot Parallel 2.4

Ink of your choice, layout paper to practice on (paper that won’t bleed with ink), pencil, ruler, eraser.


Capitals with Renée Alexander @ Burnaby Sports Complex West
Nov 18 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm




In this one-day workshop we will begin by taking a close look at Roman Inscriptional Capitals. We will study their elegant proportions and fine form from historical examples. It will be obvious to the observer why they are still in use today lasting two millennia. Participants will practice a less challenging version of Roman Capitals. From this practice it will become evident that geometric shapes on which Roman Capitals are based, are difficult for the human hand. This is not an excuse not to try and master them, but rather to explore a more hand-friendly way to make capitals. There will be time to have fun composing a piece using these modifications

•Pen holders
•William Mitchell Roundhand nibs – sizes 2 and 3 or equivalent (Speedball C3 & C4)
•Non-waterproof black ink
•Metal ruler at least 18”
•HB pencil
•Slant board (optional)
•Water pot
•11” x 14” or 11” x 17” white practice paper
•8.5” x 11” good quality white or off-white paper
(HP watercolour or Canson Mi-Tientes are good choices)
•Old tooth brush for cleaning nibs
You are welcome to bring any other tools or materials you wish to use.

AGM, Bake Sale and Art Sale @ Jericho Hill Centre, West Art Room
Nov 22 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


  • Approval of Financial Reports published in the October/Novembe 2017 Bulletin.
  • Elections
    1.  These will be the first elections held under our new bylaws which were approved at the AGM last November. 2017 WCS Constiution and Bylaws 
    2. We will be electing three directors: President; Secretary-Vice President; and Treasurer.
    3. All directors will be elected for a two year term which starts on January 1, 2018.
    4. Chairpersons of Standing Committees also need to be elected. The number of Standing Committees has expanded with the shrinking of the number of Directors. The jobs didn’t disappear they were just reassigned


Come and join our society for our sweetest fundraiser of the year November 22, 2017 – after the AGM. Please consider making/baking something for the sale. Think Christmas. Cookies and bars, preserves, tarts, spiced nuts – whatever gets your tastebuds tingling.
Please bring your goodies wrapped and packaged in suitable sizes, ready for sale
complete with price tags. (Pricing not too high and not too low – what you think is right). For the benefit of those who may have allergies. If your baking contains nuts, please label it.
When you arrive at the meeting just place your baking on the sale tables. The other ingredient we need for a successful sale is customers to buy the wonderful assortment of goodies.
Consider bringing a friend. It will be a fun evening.


Have you ever wanted an original piece of framed calligraphy by Carl Rohrs? or a Connie Furgason painting with lettering, or a collage piece of Gemma Black’s work (could be a print and not original)? Anita Boyd-Johnson donated several pieces of her collection to WCS when she downsized and moved to the Island. Some of them will be used for door prizes at our WOOL 2018 conference. The executive decided that we will have a silent auction with a minimum bid (yet to be determined) for 10 of the pieces to be held after our AGM along with the Bake Sale.
A poster will be sent out with more information later.
There will also be a selection of brand new Chai mats in various sizes. Quite a few are black mats which goes really well with our Exhibition Theme for the year. There are a few new Exhibition frames and some smaller wooden frames which will also be for sale.