Special Days Perpetual Calendar


We have produced a perpetual calendar as a fundraiser for the Society Calendars are coil bound and have a hook for hanging. All full pages are laid out like January one below. The others are cropped to allow you to see the artwork better. This project was spearheaded by Carolynn Dallaire and Carole Youds who cajoled and then prodded the artists and saw the work through completion at the printers. Months and dates were lettered by Nan Maione. The calendars include another page about our Society which includes two more calligraphic pieces. Calendars are $13 each, 2 to 4 are $12.50 each and 5 or more are $12 each. these make great gifts for for any occasion. Make them extra special for your family members by putting in your family’s special days before you give it as a gift.

To order perpetual calendars send us an email.

Join us at our February Meeting

Catching Our Own Story Through Journalling with Laura Eriksson

Laura says, “The idea of ‘quick journalling’ came to me quite unexpectedly.”
     At our February meeting, she  will share how she began ‘catching her story’ by journalling and why she does not want to stop now.  :)
     Recently, taking Sharon Zeugin’s course,  ”Calligraphy on the Run” has given her more fuel and inspiration.
     We invite you to come and explore some tips and ideas on how ‘Journalling on the run’ can be fast, fun, creative, and meaningful.